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Credit: Flickr Photo/Scott Beale

Technology You Can Wear

There’s been a lot of buzz about wearable technology — computing capabilities you can wear — for at least a decade. Digital wrist bands that monitor physical activity are becoming more common. Products like Google Glass, Apple iWatch and Nike+ FuelBand are in the pipeline. The problem is, in terms of fashion, wearable tech has always been a little too geeky. But that may be changing.

Ross Reynolds visited Artefact, a product design company in South Lake Union, and spoke to their wearable tech expert, Jennifer Darmour, who just got back from SXSW in Austin where she gave a talk on wearable technology.

She talks to Ross about whether we will be wearing more technology in the not too distant future, how wearable tech combines with fashion, and the latest from her wearable tech design studio, Electricfoxy.

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