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Seattle storytellers share seasonal spirit

caption: Seattle Storyteller Guild participants
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1 of 2 Seattle Storyteller Guild participants
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Seattle has a vibrant storytelling community. We even have a storytelling guild, that being "an association of people with similar interests or pursuits."

The Seattle Storytellers Guild hosts events around the year. Last week, they had their holiday gathering. Many of the stories had a holiday theme. Some strayed to other inspirations.

Sadly, we can't bring you the seasonal treats the tellers shared, including the amazing Stargazy Pie you’ll hear about. But we were happy to capture these candid, personal tales. They make a poignant addition to the season.

The tellers (and two singers) were, in order of appearance: emcee Judith Alexander, Glenn McCauley, Marilyn Grevstad, Anne Brendler and her granddaughter Tallulah, Virginia Rankin, Larry Hohm, Barry McWilliams, Patty Zeitlin, Afifi Durr, Carl Grant, Lance Lambert and Eva Abram

This event took place at the Haller Lake United Methodist Church on December 20.

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