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caption: Kim Schrier poses for a portrait on Wednesday, October 3, 2018, in Issaquah.
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Kim Schrier poses for a portrait on Wednesday, October 3, 2018, in Issaquah.
Credit: KUOW Photo/Megan Farmer

Rep. Kim Schrier focuses on supply chain issues amid 8th District race

Democratic Congresswoman Kim Schrier is asking President Biden to lower certain tariffs on items that keep supply chains moving smoothly. She says the cuts would help tackle inflation.

It's also about politics.

Schrier's facing a tough re-election fight this year to represent Washington's 8th Congressional District. And her Republican opponents all claim they'd do a better job fighting inflation.

The district is one of around a dozen races that will likely determine which party controls Congress next year.

Schrier hopes to see lower taxes on logistical items, like the frames that secure shipping containers to trucks. There's currently a shortage of these truck chassis.

Shortages lead to shipping delays and that ultimately means higher prices for consumers. Schrier says slashing taxes on truck chassis would help bring down prices.

It's the latest in a handful of actions Rep. Schrier has touted in an effort to address supply chain issues. She has also worked on the recent Ocean Shipping Reform Act and the Lower Food and Fuel Costs Act.

“The goal here is to make life a little easier for the people we represent. To help you fill up your tank and feed your family. To help farmers spend less on inputs without lowering crop yields,” Rep. Schrier said in June. “As the only member on the House Agriculture Committee from the Northwest, I will continue to do all I can to support farmers and lower costs for families.”