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caption: Examples of a monkeypox (MPV) rash.
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Examples of a monkeypox (MPV) rash.
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More MPV vaccine coming to Washington state

Washington state is authorized to receive 17,000 more monkeypox (MPV) vaccine doses.

Those additional doses are on top of the 7,000 the state has already received. According to the state Department of Health, much of the current supply has already been used for those most at risk for MPV.

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Meanwhile, state Health Secretary Dr. Umair Shah said the department is working to close the gap for high-risk patients who need the shots.

"We do believe we're going to get more, it may still not be enough," Dr. Shah said. "Vaccine is absolutely critical, but even more critical is prevention, prevention, prevention."

Dr. Shah said that includes limiting sexual partners, keeping an eye out for rashes and other symptoms, and staying home if you are symptomatic.

MPV is rarely fatal, but the symptoms can be very painful.

The virus is gaining speed in the Northwest, primarily in King County. Washington state had 166 cases at last count.