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Seattle residents: Here's how to use those democracy vouchers

If you live in Seattle, you've likely received four democracy vouchers in the mail.

What's a democracy voucher, you ask?

Think of them as Monopoly money for candidates. If you like someone running, send them democracy vouchers, which they can exchange for real money to run their campaign.

1/3 Democracy Vouchers for Seattle Elections
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3/3 Democracy Voucher for Seattle Elections
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Credit: KUOW Illustration/Kara McDermott

You don't have to be a registered voter to take part in the democracy voucher program, but you will need to sign up online. Seattle voters will be sent vouchers automatically.

And before you Konmari these four bits of paper, consider that you voted to raise property taxes for this experiment, the first of its kind in the nation. The program will cost $3 million a year for the next decade.