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caption: Labor journalist Sarah Jaffe
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Labor journalist Sarah Jaffe
Credit: Courtesy of Julieta Salgado

How labor movements shape the fight for living-wage employment

When it comes to the future of good jobs and a contented workforce in the United States, the outlook is tenuous at best. Workers left in the wake of off-shoring, financial crises and game-changing robotic technology developments know that all too well.

Journalist Sarah Jaffe says community movements are a key to better outcomes. “For the people taking part in them it is not a question of left or right, but of the powerless against the powerful.”

Jaffe is an independent journalist who writes about labor, politics and pop culture. Her new book is “Necessary Trouble: Americans in Revolt.”

She spoke at the Seattle Public Library Central Library on August 22.

Web Exclusive: Listen to the full version of her talk below

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