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caption: Marines marching in Danang. March 15, 1965. 
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Marines marching in Danang. March 15, 1965.
Credit: Courtesy of Associated Press

Good guys, bad guys

Ken Burns and Lynn Novick join Thanh Tan, host of our new podcast Second Wave, to discuss the new documentary, "The Vietnam War."

The story of the Vietnam War has been told many times, but not necessarily by Vietnamese people.

When she was growing up, Thanh’s parents didn’t talk about what happened to them. And her school history books glossed over the conflict. Most accounts of the Vietnam War have been defined by Hollywood and white men.

Ken Burns and Lynn Novick’s new 10-part documentary, "The Vietnam War," challenges common perceptions of the war. In her conversation with the filmmakers, Thanh addresses issues of violence, intergenerational trauma and her personal reactions to the film.

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