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Federal judge in Seattle bans 3D printed gun downloads

A federal judge in Seattle has temporarily halted a Texas group from posting 3D printed gun instructions online.

U.S. District Judge Robert Lasnik is banning online gun blueprints until he makes a final ruling in the case.

Texas group Defense Distributed wants to publish downloadable 3D gun instructions, but 20 states, led by Washington, argue that's a threat to public safety. They filed a legal challenge to halt Defense Distributed from publishing in late July.

Monday, Lasnik ruled in agreement with the states and kept the injunction in place.

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson said that's an indication the ban could one day be permanent.

"By definition, or to get an injunction which we now have, Judge Lasnik had to conclude that we're likely to win when he ultimately decides the case," Ferguson said.

Defense Distributed said the injunction violates its First and Second Amendment rights.

Ferguson said he ultimately wants to see the Trump Administration take action, no matter how far this case goes in the courts.

"The president has tweeted that he thinks it doesn't make much sense, in his words, for people to be able to download these 3D guns. I agree with him, so really it's up to the president and Congress to pass law or to make clear that is it not legal," Ferguson said.

Judge Lasnik has not yet set a date to issue his final ruling. Ferguson expects it to take several months.