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Far-right activist visits Washington for Culp fundraiser

Far right activist Richard Mack is headlining a congressional fundraiser today in Central Washington. Mack is a former board member of the antigovernmental militia the Oath Keepers.

Former sheriff Richard Mack is backing former police chief Loren Culp to represent Washington's 4th congressional district. Culp says he has a lot in common with Mack.

"He believes in limited government, just like I do," Culp said.

Mack's the founder of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, which encourages local law enforcement officials to ignore laws they personally deem unconstitutional. It awarded Culp its Police Chief of the Decade award a few years ago, after he refused to enforce a voter-approved state gun law.

"We don't get our rights from government, we get our rights from our creator," Culp said.

Culp decided to run against incumbent Republican congressman Dan Newhouse after Newhouse voted to impeach former president Trump.

Trump has endorsed Culp in this race.