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caption: Go, Speed Racer! KUOW's Ross Reynolds hits the virtual road 
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Go, Speed Racer! KUOW's Ross Reynolds hits the virtual road
Credit: Courtesy of Michael Violandi

The autonomous car revolution could be just around the corner

Many of us spend large portions of our lives in cars. Many of us are annoyed by other people in their cars.

The fact is, human beings behind the wheels of their automobiles are dangerous. In 2015, over 35,000 Americans died in fatal car crashes. With the advent of texting while driving, those numbers are trending up.

So one question is, why not just let the computer do the driving? There are environmental, social and economic concerns, as well.

The Seattle-based environmental nonprofit Forterra hosted a panel discussion, “Driving the Revolution: Self-Driving Cars & the Future We Want," to explore exactly where we are now and may be headed. If you’re at all curious about what the future holds for the rules of the road, you’ll find plenty of answers here.

This Forterra Seed & Feed event took place at the Living Computers Museum + Labs on September 20. KUOW’s Executive Producer of Community Engagement Ross Reynolds moderated the panel, including:

  • Tom Alberg, co-founder and managing director, Madrona Venture Group
  • Shefali Ranganathan, executive director, Transportation Choices
  • Mark Hallenbeck, director, Washington State Transportation Center at UW
  • John Lass, founder and president, Lass Advisory Services LLC

Sonya Harris recorded the discussion.

Listen to the full version below: