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30 traffic deaths in Seattle last year

The Seattle Department of Transportation has just released its latest report on traffic fatalities in the city. The data shows there were a total of 30 traffic deaths in Seattle last year — most involving pedestrians.

A total of 40% of such crashes have occurred at intersections with signals since 2015. More than 80% of fatal incidents involving cyclists happened in stretched with no bike lanes.

The report also found that Black people were disproportionately affected by fatal crashes. And more than a quarter of traffic fatalities involved people experiencing homelessness.

The report is part of the city's Vision Zero initiative which has a goal of eliminating serious injuries and fatal crashes by the year 2030.

Since Seattle started its Vision Zero effort in 2015, more than 175 people have died, and 1,200 people were injured in traffic crashes.

Researchers found most of the fatal crashes between 2019 and last year happened in District 2, which includes Beacon Hill, the Central District, downtown Seattle, the Rainier Valley, and Columbia City. But the city says adding things like signals that give pedestrians and bicyclists a 3-7 second head start have reduced the number of serious and fatal collisions.

SDOT also notes that it is prioritizing safety efforts in places like the Aurora Avenue corridor, SODO, and Georgetown.