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caption: Bailey the Giant Pacific Octopus is in a holding tank at the Seattle Aquarium on Thursday, June 13, 2019.

Night Shift

A Lyft driver who puts on a nightly karaoke party in her car.

A Latina janitor who empties 600 garbage cans in a downtown high-rise every night.

A warehouse worker who kisses her kids goodbye at daycare, where they spend the nights without her.

These are some of the people you’ll meet on KUOW’s Night Shift. This summer, our reporters set out to explore a darker side of Seattle, the one that comes to life after most of the city tucks in for the night.

The Night Shift team includes reporters Casey Martin, Esmy Jimenez and Kate Walters, and photographer Megan Farmer. The Night Shift was conceptualized and edited by Liz Jones.