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Get to know the PNW and each other. Soundside airs Monday through Thursday at 12 p.m. and 8 p.m. on KUOW starting January 10. Listen to Soundside on Spotify, iTunes, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Additional Credits: Logo art is designed by Teo Popescu. Audio promotions are produced by Hans Twite. Community engagement led by Zaki Hamid. Managing producer is Brendan Sweeney.

Mission Statement:

Soundside believes establishing trust with our listeners involves taking the time to listen.

We know that building trust with a community takes work. It involves broadening conversations, making sure our show amplifies systemically excluded voices, and challenging narratives that normalize systemic racism.

We want Soundside to be a place where you can be part of the dialogue, learn something new about your own backyard, and meet your neighbors from the Peninsula to the Palouse.

Together, we’ll tell stories that connect us to our community — locally, nationally and globally. We’ll get to know the Pacific Northwest and each other.


  • forest trees northwest oregon

    Listen again: What federal reforestation plans mean for Washington state

    Last Monday the Biden Administration announced plans to plant more than one billion trees across the western United States to restore forests damaged by climate change. Washington State is already facing a tree seed shortage, and our state's forest nursery is racing to ramp up production.

  • caption: Isaiah McDaniel bags groceries into a customer's cloth bags at PCC Natural Market Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2008, in Seattle.

    Hazard pay is the latest casualty of the 'waning pandemic phase'

    Seattle grocery store workers will soon see less money in their paychecks after the Seattle City Council voted to no longer require hazard pay. The move is part of a broader trend in Seattle; even as COVID continues to spread in the community, the city is moving away from some pandemic era policies that have helped people get by.

  • caption: "You are entering a fragile, ancient forest. Please stay on the trail. Leave no trace, and do no harm."

    Sharing 'a life-sustaining energy,' exploring Seward Park with naturalist Ed Dominguez

    Since 2011, Ed Dominguez has been working at Seward Park's Audubon Environmental Learning Center in one capacity or another, and has been the Lead Naturalist since 2018. After a pandemic induced year long hiatus, the center is back open, and Ed is leading groups of budding birders and long time nature lovers through the park.

  • caption: Seattle School for Boys students walk together before the first day of school on Monday, September 13, 2021, along 28th Avenue South in Seattle.

    School's in session, and teachers need help

    It’s August. The hottest, longest-feeling stretch of summer stands before us. It’s hard to imagine going back to school. But in just about a month, students will be returning to the classroom for a new year of learning. And so will their teachers.

  • caption: FILE: Olivia Blanchard, 4, drops a ballot into the ballot drop box outside of the Seattle Public Library on Tuesday, November 7, 2017, in Ballard.

    Demystifying Washington's Election Process

    It is primary election day in Washington State, and while we'll have to wait for returns to answer big questions like what will happen to two Republican representatives who voted for impeachment, or who will make it to the general election in the purple 8th congressional district, we can look into voting itself, an act which increasingly seems under threat.

  • caption: Containers containing liquid called 'media' that the coronavirus test swabs are placed in are shown on Wednesday, April 29, 2020, at Fred Hutch in Seattle. First responders with the Seattle Fire Department who either hadn't tested positive for the coronavirus, or had never been tested at all, participated in the Seattle Covid Cohort Study and were tested for the virus as well as for antibodies.

    Covid testing company with Washington outlets is under investigation

    If you needed a Covid test in the past few years, there’s a chance you visited GS Labs. There are five GS Labs locations here in Washington. Typically they’re located in strip malls, and promise quick results and same-day appointments, even when Covid cases are surging. But a new investigation by American Public Media indicates GS Labs didn’t always carry through on those promises.

  • caption: KUOW letters are shown before 'That's Debatable: The Homelessness Crisis is Killing Seattle' on Tuesday, October 29, 2019, as the sun sets at Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute in Seattle.

    Sound it Out: Messages from Listeners

    At its core, Soundside is about connecting with our listeners and bringing you stories you care about. Interviews, reporting and features that impact our lives here in the Pacific Northwest. And part of that engagement process is asking for your thoughts about our stories -- what we got right, how we can improve. And as often as possible we turn those voicemails and messages into a segment called, "Sound It Out."