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caption: KUOW Shorts - Subtext: What Goes Unsaid

KUOW Shorts

Discover original short-run audio series produced by KUOW, Seattle’s NPR news station. KUOW Shorts is created in collaboration with local journalists, artists, storytellers, and community members.

We’d love to hear from your feedback and story ideas. For feedback on our first series "Subtext," you can email Bill directly at, or send us a text at 206-926-9955.


  • caption: Tomo and his favorite miso.

    A flavor creates harmony

    Tomo Nakayama usually puts his creative energy into his harmonious music. But when the pandemic hit, he found a new outlet: cooking.

  • caption: Anida Yoeu Ali and her rainbow chadors.

    A garment unveils an identity

    A chador garment worn by some Muslim women is usually black. Not Anida Yoeu Ali's. Her chador is red and sparkly.

  • The Blue Suit Logo

    Introducing The Blue Suit

    In a world full of stuff, what is worth keeping? What do we treasure? Explore modern-day heirlooms with The Blue Suit, a new KUOW podcast hosted and created by PNW poet Shin Yu Pai.

  • caption: Jessica Webb (left) and Steph Ikeda.

    Subtext listeners tell us why this show was only built on 'half a concept'

    For our final episode, Subtext listeners reckon with the costs of staying silent versus speaking up, and one listener shares a tactic for having tough conversations in a meaningful way. And Bill has a realization about the concept behind the series: It was missing something important from the beginning.

  • caption: Group photo of four KUOW staff (Bill, Katie, Libby, Dyer) displaying their wristbands.

    Let your wristband speak for you: Subtext

    If you don’t feel like discussing your immune system, or your feelings about hugs, you could put a piece of colored silicone around your wrist.

  • Introducing “Subtext,” a new series hosted by Bill Radke

    Welcome to KUOW Shorts, a new podcast feed of short-run audio series produced by KUOW. Our first series is called “Subtext: What Goes Unsaid.” Join host Bill Radke for conversations about the things we usually don't say out loud. Bill will chat with guests navigating difficult discussions, ideas and divides … and offer solutions for how we might all communicate better with each other and ourselves. Episodes start Monday, May 23.