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Katy Sewall



Katy Sewall spent nine years as Lead Producer of the show Weekday, a daily morning show that ran on KUOW for nearly twenty years. Since 2015, she's worked as an announcer and fill-in host.

Katy is a PRINDI award-winning producer who trained with Radiolab, and toured with A Prairie Home Companion. Her work has appeared on The Takeaway, Here & Now, the BBC, and more. She's also a podcast consultant and the creator and co-host of The Bittersweet Life podcast.


  • caption: Screenshot of "The March of Time" show.

    When Actors Were The Anchors

    Modern moviegoers are used to experiencing trailers, concession advertisements and, of course, a reminder to turn off their cell phone before the main...

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    Elections 2012: How To Read The Polls

    With just over a week to go, news outlets are inundated with polling results gaging voter sentiment in the presidential election — up to 20 state and national polls are coming out every day, often with different results. Which ones can you trust? How are they conducted? Washington Post polling director Jon Cohen helps us separate the signal from the noise.Also this hour, we gather around the water cooler with Valerie Curtis-Newton and Garth Stein to talk megastorms, election fatigue and Halloween.

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    A Mother And Son's Love Of Reading, And Each Other

    Journalist Will Schwalbe worked for years in publishing, most recently as vice president and editor-in-chief of Hyperion Books. When his mother Mary Anne was diagnosed with terminal cancer, their relationship turned not to her illness, but their shared love of reading. His new book documents their conversations, the difficulty of sometimes not knowing what to say, and the power of reading to shape us. Will Schwalbe joins us to talk about "The End of Your Life Book Club."Also this hour: Could you stand to loosen up a bit? We talk with Seattle illustrator Carla Sonheim about ways you can become a more expressive and creative person. Her latest book is "The Art of Silliness: A Book of Creativity for Everyone."