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Kate Thayer

Relationship Officer, Planned Giving


Kate has loved KUOW for decades; it has been a soundtrack of her life. She is a longtime Evergreen member and has named KUOW as a beneficiary in her Will and IRA. She is thrilled to be part of KUOW’s creative, curious, courageous and brilliant team.

She is a Certified Financial Planner and spent 19 years as a fiduciary specialist at Wells Fargo Bank, helping individuals and families define their personal and financial goals. She looks forward to working with KUOW donors to create their legacy to keep fact-based journalism a community treasure.

Kate has been tethered to the Pacific Northwest since being bewitched by Mount Rainier as a young adult. She loves hiking, camping, reading and eating delicious food with friends. She is a GSBA Ruby Slipper member and a volunteer at the PAWS Wildlife Center.

Feel free to contact Kate on her work cell at 206 786-8016.