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caption: Skin cancer by county, 2011 data. 
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Skin cancer by county, 2011 data.
Credit: Washington State Department Of Health

What’s The Skin Cancer Rate In Your County?

This may come as a surprise, but if cloudy Puget Sound were a state, it would rank fourth in skin cancer rates.

Data released from the state Department of Health shows that the three states with higher rates are Wyoming, Delaware and Utah.

Steve Garrett of the state Department of Health says to wear sunscreen, even when it’s cloudy out – especially if you’re prone to sunburn.

“People who are blond and blue-eyed and freckled, for example, have higher risk for skin cancer and should be much more careful no matter where they live,” Garrett said.

Adults who were sunburned as children have higher risk of melanoma.

As for the county with the highest rate of skin cancer? That’s San Juan County, home to the San Juan Islands.