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Credit: flickr photo / Ted of DGAR

Tales Of Summer Camp

School's out! For many children in the Northwest, that means the beginning of summer camp. In cities, these tend to be little more than daycare with more field trips and longer recesses.

But many adults here will remember camp as something more expansive, where kids were issued bows and arrows and allowed to experiment with Darwinian forms of social organization. This producer's memories include a horrifying Lord Of The Flies moment when a boy was hung upside down from a tree and poked with sticks until the counselors found out and shut down a midnight capture-the-flag game that had spiraled out of control.

Nestled in between news stories this week you'll discover stories of summer camp. Here's hoping they bring back some lanyard-making, upside-down-milk-drinking, first-kissing, skit-performing, canoe-tipping, snipe-hunting memories.

Full list of stories on KUOW Presents, June 24: