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caption: This bear is owning its figure. Will it come out on top?
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This bear is owning its figure. Will it come out on top?

May the fattest bear prevail

The annual battle of ursine chonk. Elections front and center in this week’s conversation with the county executive. And Boeing’s Dreamliner flies away from the Puget Sound.

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Fat Bear Tuesday 2020

In the photo, two challengers rise out of the river. They’ve trained all year for this competition – hunting and fishing, honing their technique. And now, the final matchup: Fat Bear Week 2020. Katmai National Park and Reserve’s media ranger Naomi Boak joined Bill Radke today, on Fat Bear Tuesday, to talk about the competition.

King County Executive Dow Constantine 10.6

This week, King County Elections Director Julie Wise joined County Executive Dow Constantine for his weekly appearance. We talked voting and the upcoming election.

Dreamliner ships out of Everett to South Carolina

Boeing is moving production of its 787 Dreamliner from Everett to South Carolina. What does this mean for Washington’s Boeing heritage? John Ostrower is an aviation and space journalist who’s editor in chief of The Air Current.

Marcie on stagehands

This pandemic is affecting everyone in the arts and culture industry - including those responsible for the smell of the greasepaint that precedes the roar of the crowd. Marcie Sillman speaks with stagehands and folks behind the curtain.