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Even axolotl get a little lonely

The animal residents at the Pacific Science Center miss middle school crowd noise. How much screen time is too much? And our weekly conversation with King County Executive Dow Constantine.

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PacSci's animal tenants are in need of noise

Life as a staple rodent or amphibian is pretty good at the Pacific Science Center: go about daily life to the wonderment of visitors. But with the center closed for the pandemic, these critters find themselves in need of social interaction. Bill Radke speaks with Diana Johns, Vice President of Exhibits and Life Sciences at the Pacific Science Center, about how the center is helping their exhibits weather pandemic isolation.

Navigating screen time in a quarantine world

Before the pandemic, many parents were worried their kids spent too much time playing video games or scrolling on Tic Toc. Screen time has long been a central concern with technology -- from TVs to computers to smartphones -- and our digital pandemic lives are only exacerbating those worries. So how do you live a healthy screen life in 2021? Dr. Delaney Ruston, author of Parenting in the Screen Age, gives some recommendations.

King County Executive Dow Constantine 1.5

This week, King County Executive Dow Constantine goes over vaccine roll-out and answers your questions.