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Georgetown Live: 'An Exceptionally Tight-knit Community'

Dec 13, 2013

The Record kicks off Georgetown Live with the district's unofficial historian, metro issues, an artistic uprising and a unique dining experience.

The Unofficial Historian

LaDele Sines has lived in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood for 15 years. She owns Carleton Avenue Grocery with her husband, Alan. She’s also the de facto Georgetown historian.

Underserved By Metro

Kevin Desmond is the general manager of  King County Metro, which always seems to be facing budget shortfalls and subsequent cuts to service. In the Georgetown area only three bus routes serve more than 1,700 residents. He joins The Record  to talk about some of the current transportation issues in Georgetown and the city.

Collage Of Artists

In the last decade, the arts scene in Georgetown has exploded. Sam Farrazaino opened Equinox Studios in 2006 to provide a space for over 50 artists to work on their craft – ranging from blacksmithing to photography.

Rising Restaurateur

Chef Matt Dillon is a rising star in the culinary world and has made a big impact on the scene with his restaurant, The Corson Building. The high-dining experience takes place in a unique space reminiscent of early Spanish missions.