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Alaskan Way viaduct, Seattle waterfront, downtown
Flickr Photo/WSDOT (CC-BY-NC-ND)

Deborah Wang talks with Initiative 123 backer Kate Martin and opponent Patrick Gordon about whether Seattle should build a waterfront view park along Alaskan Way — and potentially scrap its existing waterfront plans in the process.

The Record: Thursday, July 21, full show

Jul 21, 2016
KUOW Photo

Ted Cruz refused to endorse Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention yesterday. Our man in Cleveland David Hyde tells us how that went over among Washington state's delegates. 

Also, Kate Martin wants to build an elevated walkway at Seattle's waterfront. She thinks it’s a great idea for the city, others like Patrick Gordon think it’s a terrible idea for the city. We'll have that debate on I-123, which is on the August primary ballot.

And if you find it tough to talk about race in mixed company, we have something that might help. Some Seattle women are organizing a discussion about race this weekend between a group of blacks and a group of whites that is meant to help you with those tough conversations. We get a preview of that.

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Bellingham band ODESZA is the biggest local band you've never heard of, according to DJ Marco Collins.
Flickr Photo/Adinda Uneputty (CC BY SA 2.0)/

Bill Radke gets a preview of bands to watch out for at this weekend's Capitol Hill Block Party from Seattle DJ Marco Collins. His favorites include ODESZA, Iska Dhaaf, Car Seat Headrest, and JusMoni.

Alissa Wehrman and Eula Scott Bynoe.
KUOW Photo/Caroline Chamberlain

High-profile killings of black men at the hands of police, as well as shootings of police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge, prompted Eula Scott Bynoe to organize a public discussion with white people about race.

Washington state's Cruz supporters pose at the Republican National Convention. Reporter David Hyde said some have not transferred their allegiance to Donald Trump.
KUOW Photo/David Hyde

Deborah Wang speaks with David Hyde at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland about the Ted Cruz speech that made waves last night because it failed to endorse nominee Donald Trump.

Hyde tells us how the Washington state delegation reacted to Cruz's call for people to vote their conscience.

Ijeoma Oluo
Courtesy of Ijeoma Oluo

Deborah Wang talks with Seattle writer Ijeoma Oluo about the abuse minority groups receive online

KUOW Photo/John Ryan

How much are you willing to pay to provide housing for low income people? Seattle residents are being asked to raise their property taxes to pay for affordable housing. We will hear the arguments for and against that raise.

Also, the GOP Convention is heading into its final days, and we look at what is next for Republicans in the state of Washington. Will they get behind the Trump-Pence ticket? We'll hear from state party chair Susan Hutchinson.

And Canadians are also watching our presidential contest closely, in fact many are taking bets on who will win. Vaughn Palmer will tell us all about that.  

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Deborah Wang speaks with Vancouver Sun columnist Vaughn Palmer about the Canadian reaction to Donald Trump's official nomination. Palmer also talks about Vancouver's housing market and the return of humpback whales to British Columbia.

Susan Marie Conrad completed a solo kayak trip from Washington to Alaska in 2010.
Courtesy of Susan Marie Conrad

Ross Reynolds interviews Susan Conrad about her 1,200 mile solo kayak trip from Washington to Alaska. She recounts the 2010 trip in her new memoir, "Inside: One Woman’s Journey Through the Inside Passage."

Susan Hutchison, chair of the Washington state Republican Party, at the GOP convention in Cleveland on July 18.
KUOW Photo/David Hyde

Deborah Wang speaks with Susan Hutchison, chair of the Washington state Republican Party, about Donald Trump's GOP nomination, which was made official Tuesday night.

Hutchison says Trump can win Washington state and it's time for Republicans to get behind the official presidential nominee. 

Deborah Wang talks to Kelly Rider with the nonprofit Housing Development Consortium and Brianna McDonald, a Seattle homeowner, about Proposition 1, the property tax levy renewal for affordable housing. 

Caleb Banta-Green is a UW professor and a member of the King County heroin and prescription opiate task force.
KUOW Photo/Isolde Raftery

Kim Malcolm talks with University of Washington professor Caleb Banta-Green about a report on 2015 drug trends in King County. It finds heroin overdoses have declined from 2014. Banta-Green is a senior research scientist at the UW's Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute.

Kim Malcolm talks with Seattle Times economics columnist Jon Talton about why Silicon Valley is wading into presidential politics with an open letter to Donald Trump.

Washington state Republican delegate Eric Minor says he will not be voting for Donald Trump in November.
KUOW Photo/Matt Martin

Pandemonium. That’s what broke out on the floor of the Republican National Convention on Monday as a group of delegates tried to derail Donald Trump’s nomination.

It all came down to rules. Getting delegates to pass the rules set out for the convention is usually a formality. But in Cleveland, there was a rebellion.

The Record: Tuesday, July 19, full show

Jul 19, 2016
Sound board studio
KUOW Photo

What would you think, if you got pulled over by the police eight times over the years and never got a ticket? Former King County Executive Ron Sims tells us what it's like.

Also, do people who use illicit drugs deserve a safe clean space to shoot up? Some think they do, and they've even got a model in a city park to show you what it looks like. We'll take you there.

And we’ll bring you the moment GOP delegates from Washington tried to derail the Trump train at the Republican National Convention. They failed. 

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