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Georgetown Live: 'A City Within A City'

Dec 13, 2013

A low flying plane passes over Georgetown. Noise and local industrial pollution can sometimes give the area a bad rap.
Credit Flickr Photo/Joe Mabel

The Record continues its live broadcast from the Georgetown neighborhood with thoughts on raising a family and the challenges the Seattle Police faces in the district.

Dangers Of Georgetown Life

KUOW reporter Ashley Ahearn explains the grim findings of the environmental impact of Georgetown’s industrial center, including the way that it cuts down on life expectancy for local residents.

Raising Kids In Georgetown

Justin Howell, a resident of Georgetown for nearly 10 years, has two young sons with his wife Anna. The pollution is a concern as they raise their family, but Howell explains that there are some hidden benefits to child rearing in the district.

Protecting The Neighborhood

John Hayes is the captain of the Seattle Police Department’s South Precinct which includes Georgetown. With two extremes in the landscape of the district — the industrial and the residential — what are the challenges of protecting the area?