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Kim Malcolm talks with Portland city commissioner Steve Novick about a new law designed to reduce income inequality. Publicly traded companies that do business in Portland will face a new tax if their CEO makes 100 times more than the average worker.

Hand prints at the base of the new sign outside the Muslim Association of Puget Sound
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The largest Mosque in the Northwest got a new sign Friday. But it's not just a concrete slab telling you that you've reached your destination, it's a response to what the community calls an act of hate. Just a couple of weeks ago, Mahmood Khadeer arrived at the Muslim Association of Puget Sound (MAPS) to see their granite sign cracked and damaged. It had been vandalized overnight.

Seven KUOW women participated in creating Lucia Neare's wail in Seattle on election night.
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Last week on KUOW, you heard the beautiful and heartbreaking story of Lucia Neare . Neare was an orphan who became an artist who specializes in large-scale public performances. After learning the election results last month, she became despondent. Neare walked out of her home in the Central District and across the street to a traffic circle. There, she unleashed a full-throttled howl of despair into the night. One by one, neighborhood women added their voices to hers. Marcie Sillman, who...

Wilmer Dueño missed a brief Sounders rally in Seattle but he'll be cheering during the MLS final.
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The Seattle Sounders F-C will play in their first-ever Major League Soccer championship match Saturday against Toronto. For local soccer fans, that means emotions are high … even if their numbers aren’t. There may have been two dozen King County employees at a Sounders flag-raising and pep rally Friday. King County Deputy Executive Fred Jarrett said County Executive Dow Constantine was out of town, and people had holiday parties to go to. Still, he rallied the fans and raised the Sounders...

The Boeing Company plans to give $1 million to support President-elect Donald Trump's inauguration events. The announcement comes just days after Trump's tweets about Boeing. He claimed that costs for building new Air Force One jets are out of control, and that orders for the 747s should be canceled.

The man accused of murdering nine people in a church basement in Charleston, S.C., last year told investigators he is guilty, according to a confession video played in court on Friday. The jury in the trial of Dylan Roof, 22, watched an excerpt of a nearly two-hour conversation between Roof and investigators from the FBI, recorded shortly after he was taken into custody. Roof faces 33 federal hate crimes charges. The federal government is seeking the death penalty. Roof is accused of entering...

Patricia Aquilar, 21, began working at DeRuyter Brothers Dairy in central Washington nearly three years ago. She worked at the dairy's milking parlor, which she says handles about 3000 cows three times each day, seven days a week. Aquilar was one of four dairy workers responsible for pushing and guiding the cows into the parlor, connecting the animals to milking machines, wiping them and the machinery down, and cleaning towels and milk tanks.
"I worked six days a week for eight or nine...

Eastern Washington lawmaker Cathy McMorris Rodgers is emerging as President-elect Donald Trumps choice to lead natural resources policy as interior secretary. Several news organizations, including the Associated Press and The New York Times reported this development Friday, based on information from unnamed sources. Such an appointment would ensure that a Washington state resident remains at the helm of the Interior Department, which includes the Bureau of Land Management, the National Park...

The widening gap between rich and poor Americans has pushed the chances of children earning more money than their parents down to around 50 percent, economic researchers say. That's a sharp fall from 1940, when 90 percent of kids were destined to move up the income ladder. Describing an American dream that for many has faded into a less plentiful reality, Stanford economics professor Raj Chetty said in a news release , "It's basically a coin flip as to whether you'll do better than your...

'Week in Review' panel Bill Radke, Pramila Jayapal and Luke Burbank. Not pictured: Michael Baumgartner
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The Boeing company learned this week that 140 characters can tank their stock when the characters are coming from the hands of the president elect. Donald Trump tweeted this week to “cancel the order” for the new Air Force One replacements.