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Your Take On The News

Mar 1, 2013

Initiative activist Tim Eyman speaks to the media in front of the Capitol on Thursday, Feb. 28, 2013, in Olympia, Wash. Eyman responded to a Supreme Court ruling that overturned one of his initiatives that limited the ability of the Legislature to raise taxes.
Credit AP Photo/Rachel La Corte

It's Friday - time to review the news of the week with our panel of journalists: Joni Balter, Eli Sanders and Knute Berger. The state Supreme Court ruled against the two-thirds requirement to raise taxes, Mayor Mike McGinn and City Attorney Pete Holmes sparred over police reforms, and the state DOT admitted design flaws in building the new 520 floating bridge. What stories caught your attention this week? Call us at 800.289.5869, email or send us a message on Twitter: @weekdaykuow.