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Where is Amazon headed? Let's go to the (dart) board

Amazon has released its list of 20 finalists for the company's next headquarters.

Many of the chosen don't come as big surprises: Chicago, Boston, New York, etc. But then there were cities like Miami and Indianapolis that made us ask, what are you doing on this map?

There are also places missing, especially on the West Coast (except for Los Angeles).

So the next big question is: How will Amazon choose? They've been given a lot of information (a lot) from the bid cities. The company will need to weigh incentives offered, built-in benefits and probably some X factors we will never know about (proximity to Jeff Bezos' new house?).

In this special episode of Prime(d), we'll break down the list and choose our favorite contenders. You can see a map below with all the finalists. 

And for those who listened to the podcast and wanted to see the cities' bid videos in all their cringe-worthy glory (Alexa, is this an original joke?), we compiled a playlist for you. 

Our theme song is by Raymond Scott. You also heard "Heartline" by Pezzner, a Seattle artist. Join the discussion at our show's Facebook page.

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