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This week we're prepping for the Big One

Jun 10, 2016

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray has a reputation for being a hothead. How should we react to his controversial behavior with city council members?

Also this week, we posted an essay by a Seattle University professor who had a racially-charged encounter in a Seattle Starbucks. Is this a racial story or a Seattle story?

This week local agencies have been prepping for an inevitable monster quake. Do you feel safer or even more scared?

We also will be taking time to reflect on Muhammed Ali’s impact on our society and discussing the current state of the Democratic race.

Listen to the live discussion Friday at noon, join in by following @KUOW and using #KUOWwir. 

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Bill Radke @KUOWRadke, host

Erica C. Barnett @ericacbarnett, writer at The C is for Crank.

Knute “Mossback” Berger @KnuteBerger, columnist for Crosscut

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