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This week we ask, 'Are we making progress?'

Aug 12, 2016

Seattle City Council passed a law that would prevent landlords from discriminating against potential tenants. It is another step towards preventing inequity. But can the city fix the larger issue of affordability?

From gymnastics to swimming, the women of the United States have been dominating on the world stage. What are we learning about gender and athleticism from the 2016 Olympics?

And what would it take for you to leave Seattle? What makes this place so livable, or so repulsive?

We'll tackle these subjects and more on Week in Review.

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Today's panel:

Bill Radke @KUOWRadke, host

Sydney Brownstone @sydbrownstone, writer for The Stranger

Jonathan Martin @jmartin206, editorial writer and columnist for the Seattle Times

Ijeoma Oluo @IjeomaOluo, editor at large for the Establishment