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UPDATE: Winner Herbold Gets A 'Good Luck' Call In West Seattle Race

Dec 7, 2015

Updated, 3 p.m. 12/7/2015: Lisa Herbold finally has a victory in the City Council race in West Seattle.

On Monday, King County Elections released official results confirming that Herbold beat Shannon Braddock by just 39 votes in District 1. 

Braddock had held the lead on Election Day, but Herbold chipped away as mail-in ballots trickled in. The result was so close that it prompted a mandatory hand recount. 

Original post, 12/4/2015: Lisa Herbold says Shannon Braddock called her about the outcome of the Seattle City Council race in West Seattle – but not necessarily to concede.

“I just want to keep things positive,” Herbold said Friday. “She congratulated me and wished me good luck in what I hope will be my new role.” 

King County Elections will release the official results of a manual recount in the District 1 race Monday afternoon. In preliminary results, Herbold came out 39 votes ahead.

Herbold said she observed the recount on Thursday and now has a new respect for the work done at King County Elections.

Kim Van Ekstrom with the elections department said that since 2001 there have been 49 recounts, including this one, and changes in the winner have been rare.

“The only time that the outcomes were actually changed was all prior to vote by mail,” she said. “So, back in 2004 there was a change, there was a change in 2003, and there was also a change in 2001. Since we've gone to vote by mail, we haven't had any changes as a result of a recount.”

Ekstrom said increased automation of the process has helped reduce errors. She also said having all ballots counted in one central location has improved King County Elections accountability.

As for Herbold, she said that if she wins, she’ll focus on development, transportation, housing affordability and labor standard enforcement.