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'Star Wars' Gingerbread Display One Sweet Spectacle

Dec 14, 2015

Right now in the lobby of the Sheraton in downtown Seattle is an ambitious project six months in the making: A gingerbread village made of hundreds of pounds of candy and cookies capturing the struggle of rebels, Jedi and Imperial forces.

Six large edible displays represent the six "Star Wars" movies in eager anticipation for the seventh's release on Dec. 18. The displays were designed by six local architecture firms and Sheraton chefs. 

Sheraton executive chef John Armstrong has been overseeing the project since June. There are a lot of fun design elements, like hundreds of gummy bears watching Anakin Skywalker's speeder race in the stands. 

Hidden within the sand -- made from ground up gingerbread -- is a special nod to Seattle. Click through the slideshow to try to find it. 

But an informal poll of kids decisively revealed that the real favorite was the giant gingerbread R2D2.

The "Star Wars" gingerbread village is open in the Sheraton hotel lobby in downtown Seattle until Jan. 3. Proceeds go to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.