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Senator Murray Focused On Countering Hobby Lobby Ruling

Aug 18, 2014

Senator Patty Murray.
Credit Flickr Photo/WSDOT (CC-BY-NC-ND)

Free contraceptive coverage is mandated by the Affordable Care Act.

But in the landmark Hobby Lobby decision last June, the Supreme Court ruled that closely held corporations are exempt from the law if the owners object on religious grounds.

During a visit to Seattle last week, Senator Patty Murray reiterated her strong feelings that the Supreme Court decision must be countered.  She previously introduced legislation that came two votes short of being considered in Congress.

“I have not changed my mind. We need to pass a law,” Murray said. “The majority leader has assured me we will bring it up for a vote again. We’re working hard to get the two additional votes. I will not stop until we get this done.”

Murray intends to push for a vote again when Congress returns in September.