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Seattle 'Too Civilized' For College Football

Dec 10, 2013

The University of Washington introduced Chris Petersen as the new head of Husky football yesterday.

Petersen compiled a record at Boise State of 92-12 over eight seasons. At Monday's press conference, Petersen said whenever he came to Montlake to face the Huskies, he felt envious.

I mean when you walked into this stadium, this beautiful environment, there’s not a better one in college football. And you pack it with these passionate people in purple. Holy smokes. I mean, I was very, very irritated to tell you the truth. But deep down I really liked it. Because that’s what college football should be all about.

If Washington is such a great place for college football, in the past 13 years, why hasn’t the team won more than eight games in a season?

Maybe we’re too civilized.

That’s the theory from Wall Street Journal sports reporter Rachel Bachman. I asked her what she means by “civilized.”

The UW will pay Petersen between $3-4 million a year for five years, with the chance for an annual bonus of $1.175 million.