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Seattle mayor denies he raped teen boy. Opposing attorney replies with this statement

Apr 7, 2017

Mayor Ed Murray's statement to the press, the day after The Seattle Times reported on accusations that the mayor raped teen boys in the 1980s:

"Good Afternoon.

"To be on the receiving end of such untrue allegations is very painful for me. It is painful for my husband, and for those who are close to us.

"I understand the individual making these accusations is troubled and that makes me sad as well. But let me be clear: These allegations, dating back to a period of more than 30 years, are simply not true.

"Things have never come easy to me in life, but I have never backed down. And I will not back down now. I will continue to be mayor of this city; I will continue to run for re-election; and I plan to lead this city as we work our way through the wind and rainstorm of this weekend, as well as the many challenges that we face going forward.

"I really would like to take your questions, and I think you all know that. I enjoy taking your questions, more than sometimes my staff likes, but this is now a legal matter that is in the courts, and that's where the questions must be addressed. So at this time I have no further comment.

"Thank you very much."

Lincoln Beauregard, the plaintiff's attorney, responded: 

"That after the Mayor has done so much good for the community, and inspired so many people, it must be hard for him to know that his career is over.  

"It must be a very tough time knowing that he has to explain this, and eventually admit this, to his loving partner, political allies, and the public — which he really didn't do.  

"In relation to my client specifically, the Mayor's people have never asked that he be identified, and if the Mayor's telling the truth, he should have no idea who my client is.  If that is true, how can he paint him as 'troubled' and the like?"