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Sandbox Radio Takes On 'The Big One'

Feb 25, 2016

Sandbox Radio, a troupe of artists that has been bringing contemporary stories, skits, and music to the stage and airwaves since 2011, presents "The Big One." 

It includes the following performances:

  • "Yertle The Turtle," by Dr. Seuss (Adapted by Richard Ziman)
  • "Midlife Medley," arranged and performed by Lisa Koch  
  • "Festival Of Lights, A Presentation," by Juliet Waller Pruzan (with a special appearance by Chef Thierry Rautureau)
  • "A Personal Message," by Peggy Platt
  • "Two Birds In The Hand," by Scot Augustson

Sandbox Radio is produced and directed by Leslie Law and Richard Ziman, with music direction by Jose Gonzales. "The Big One" was performed at ACT Theatre on Dec. 28, 2015.

Please note: This production includes unedited language of an adult nature.