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QUIZ: New driver test in Washington state wants you to step up

Aug 19, 2016

A new Washington state driver's test debuted on Monday.

The number of questions has been upped to 40, and there are some new topics.

(Scroll down to take our short driver test quiz.)

That’s because a lot has changed since the last written state driver test was updated.

Christine Anthony of the state licensing department says the new exam is designed to test a driver's knowledge of situations in today’s driving climate. Like dealing with distracted driving because of the influx of cell phone use.

And impairment – in addition to alcohol – due to prescription drugs and marijuana.

“We're also including information about hazard awareness, such as what to do in a road rage situation,” Anthony said. “And how to avoid dangerous situations through scenario-based questions.”

Anthony says it was important for the department to add information about drug-related impairment and distracted driving involving cell phones because of recent statistics.

Fifty-seven percent of fatal collisions with young drivers involve impairment. And 59 percent of high school seniors report riding in a car with a driver who was texting or emailing. 

If you've been studying for the driving test this year, you should be all set. According to Anthony all the new subjects have been incorporated into the training material.

To pass the test you need to get at least 32 questions right. Like the old test, that's still 80 percent. 

This post was originally published on August 12, 2016.