Same Sex Rights
3:05 pm
Wed June 26, 2013

Pushing Same-Sex Rights From The Right: A History Of The Log Cabin Republicans

Credit flickr photo / Jose and Roxanne

This week, we've been airing DecodeDC's excellent interview with Log Cabin Republican founder Rich Tafel. Tafel makes the case that progress on big issues can only occur when there are parallel movements in both the Republican and Democratic parties. He says that explains why same-sex rights have advanced so rapidly lately, whereas the environmental movement has largely failed to escape its self-imposed ghetto within the Democratic party.

Tafel's uniquely post-partisan approach isn't confined to national politics. Washington state has its own chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans. Republican and former Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed says they haven't been a major force in this state. But they're doing important work in making friends with Republicans. And it's Republicans with gay and lesbian friends who are changing the Republican party.

Here are a few interviews KUOW's Joshua McNichols conducted with Troy Bodnar, vice president of Washington state's chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans:

Troy Bodnar and Spokane Senator Michael Baumgartner on Opening Up The Republican Party

Troy Bodnar and WA State former Secretary of State Sam Reed On Historical Republican Embrace of Same-Sex Issues

Troy Bodnar on what happened last time Washington’s Log Cabin Republicans Marched In Seattle’s Pride Parade

Full list of stories from KUOW Presents, June 26:

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