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Pulled From The Archives: Race, The Cosmos, And Seattle Music

Dec 26, 2013

As the year winds down, The Record looks back at some of our favorite KUOW stories from 2013 and beyond.

First, Ross Reynolds speaks with John Powell, Director of the Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society, and Julie Nelson, Director of Race and Social Justice Initiative for the City of Seattle, about an exhibit at the Pacific Science Center that runs through January.

Then, Steve Scher talks politics and the emerging Latino identity with Pulitzer Prize winner and MacArthur Genius awardee Junot Diaz

Marcie Sillman hears part of Seattle-born comedian Hari Konadabolu's stand-up routine.

Former KUOW producer Katy Sewall takes us back to the Golden Age of Radio.

Ross Reynolds chats with former Harlem Globetrotters Curly Neal and Erving "Rocket" Rivers about well-known basketball moves that were invented by the Globetrotters themselves.

Marcie Sillman learns about the universe and cosmos from Columbia University theoretical physicist Brian Greene.

Steve Scher asks the University of Washington's Rory Barnes about the possibility of life on moons in other solar systems.

Ross Reynolds talks with NPR Science Corespondent Joe Palca about the science of annoyance.

KUOW news anchor Sara Lerner reports on how a Macklemore and Ryan Lewis song affected the Seattle thrift store scene.

Marcie Sillman asks gay-activist singer/songwriter Mary Lambert about her single titled, "She Keeps Me Warm."

Finally, Steve Scher listens to the sounds of winter with Seattle Phonographer's Union members Christopher DeLaurenti, Steve Barsotti and Jonathan Way.