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The Public Property Security Problem In Nickelsville

Mar 26, 2013

For almost 2 years the homeless camp known as Nickelsville has been located in West Seattle. Mayor Mike McGinn has not approved the camp but has said that he has no plan to evict the camp either. Well, the unsanctioned camp that is normally relatively quiet is causing a bit of a stir this last week.

In an open letter from the Nickelsville Central Committee, sent out via email and posted on the Nickelsville Facebook page, the central committee said, “Nickelsville cannot continue if meth dealers, thieves, and barred violent individuals can flop out in, or roam through, the camp. Police failure to support — and actually thwart — our repeated efforts to keep our home safe has been draining and demoralizing.”

Ross Reynolds discusses what is happening in Nickelsville and how that is playing out in the surrounding neighborhoods with West Seattle Blog co-publisher and editor, Tracy Record.