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Personal Attacks Punctuate Final Wash. Gov Debate

Oct 17, 2012

The fifth and final debate between Washington’s candidates for governor was punctuated by personal attacks. Democrat Jay Inslee and Republican Rob McKenna met in Seattle Tuesday night. The format encouraged them to engage each other.

One of the most personal exchanges came when the candidates had a chance to pose a question of each other. Republican McKenna asked Inslee to explain why the Democratic candidate has yet to pick up a single daily newspaper endorsement.

Inslee responded that he doesn’t work for the newspapers.

“The kind of things that I’m standing up for, I think are where the people are in the state which is help to make sure we get healthcare, which my opponent has tried to eliminate, an educational budget that is based on job creation.”

When it was McKenna’s turn, he offered a biting, personal critique of the former Congressman.

“The Washington, DC mentality that you bring to this election where you make these false attacks, you bring little depth to your analysis of the problems.”

Both candidates used the final debate to try to close the deal with voters. Inslee vowed to be the “disruptive force” he believes Olympia needs. McKenna said it’s time for a change in the party in power after 28 years of Democratic governors.

The debate was hosted by KING TV and the Seattle Times.

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