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Parents, Kids Make The Most Of Teacher Walkout Day

May 19, 2015

Teachers marched in the streets of Seattle Tuesday. It was part of a one-day walkout. They were protesting what they call the state Legislature’s failure to fully fund education. 

Parents had to figure out what to do with their kids. Many of them ended up at Seattle Center.


At the Center House, Ryoko Andrews is chewing on french fries. Normally, she would be attending Green Lake Elementary today. Instead, she attended a Vietnamese water puppet show.

Reporter: “That sounds really cool. What was the coolest part of it?"

Andrews: “When the dragons did fireworks out of their mouths.”

Her mom, Ligaya Andrews, is an air traffic controller.

Ligaya Andrews: “I still have to go to work after this. It kind of worked out for me, because I don’t have to work until the afternoon.”

Reporter: “Do you know why you have the day off school today?”

Ryoko, Ligaya and Malaya Andrews eating fried stuff of all kinds from Skillet at the Seattle Center Centerhouse.
Credit KUOW Photo/Joshua McNichols

Ryoko Andrews: “Yes, the teachers are doing a strike for something, for maybe they want more money… because…. Ummm….”

Because the state supreme court says the legislature isn’t fully funding education. And because voters passed an initiative to shrink class sizes, but the legislators haven’t funded it. 

But the kids at Seattle Center seem determined to make the most out of their day off. Adrian Bongiorno is laying on the grass taking selfies with his mom.

Bongiorno: “This is pretty fun today. I think I may have some cotton candy or popcorn if I like.”

Will Gruber brought his grandkids here, Hudson and Milo. They’re using Styrofoam swords to attack the International Fountain.

Milo: "We’re trying to stop the fountain from spurting out water."

Meanwhile in Olympia, lawmakers held a public hearing on legislation that would prevent teachers from using sick leave benefits for days when they walk off the job.

Hudson came to Seattle Center with her grandparents, Will and Cindy Gruber. She and her brother Milo used Styrofoam swords from the Pacific Science Center's Pompeii exhibit (an exhibit that ends after Memorial Day) to attack the International Fountain.
Credit KUOW Photo/Joshua McNichols