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Oregon Lawmakers Send 'Predictive Scheduling' Bill To Governor

Jun 29, 2017

Oregon lawmakers have approved the nation's first statewide law on predictable scheduling for employees.

Starting in July of 2018, it would require large employers in the hospitality industry to give workers at least seven days advance notice of which shifts they're working. In three years that lead time increases to two full weeks.

Service industry workers had testified that employers often call them in at the last minute, and threaten their jobs if they don't come.

Democratic Rep. Janelle Bynum said the idea is to give low-wage employees more time to plan around their work schedules.

"As a working mom and a business owner, I 100 percent understand how hard it is to balance work and family,” Bynum said.

The measure received bipartisan support, but some opponents said it was too hard on employers. The measure now heads to the governor's desk.

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