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New season of KUOW's 'Ask A' series

Apr 1, 2017

One reason we’re seeing such polarization in American society is that we’re not talking to each other. We’re wrapped up in our own cocoons and echo chambers.

In an effort to combat this, KUOW is launching a series of person-to-person conversation events we call 'Ask A __.'

It’s for people who are curious about groups in society they don’t interact with often or at all.

The concept is simple: Get 12 people from a group that’s in the news and set up conversations with 12 people who want to know more about the group.

This began in 2016 when then candidate Donald Trump began calling for a ban on Muslims entering the U.S. It occurred to me that some people may not know any Muslims personally. So KUOW arranged two ‘Ask a Muslim’ events.

They were six minute one-on-one conversations. A bell rang, everyone swapped chairs and we began over. It was like speed dating. After that we had a group discussion and then a meal. People loved it!

So we’re scheduling six more sessions with support from the UW CoMotion Amazon Catalyst program. Another "Ask a Muslim," plus "Ask a Trump Supporter," "Ask an Immigrant," "Ask a Transgender Person," "Ask a Cop" and one to be determined, depending on what’s in the news.

Are you genuinely curious to learn more about one of these groups in a civil interview based on trust? Or are you a member of one of these groups, eager to talk about what you believe to others? Take a moment to fill out the form below, or online here.