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Mukilteo man says anti-mosque postcards were a mistake

Apr 20, 2016

The Mukilteo businessman who sent postcards throughout his city, warning about a new mosque now says it was a bad idea. 


Local Muslim writer Aziz Junejo recently had a phone conversation with the man who sent the mailers.

Junejo: “Well, it was an interesting phone call. He initially told me that he didn’t really didn't think much of this. He thought it was a tremendous mistake to do what he did."

He was talking to Peter Zieve. He’s the aerospace executive whose postcards offended many local Muslims. The cards suggested people with concerns about the mosque should call city officials.

Zieve’s currently in Europe. So, Junejo offered to broker a meeting between him and local Muslims when he returns. Zieve told him, ‘It’ll blow over by then.’

Junejo: “I don’t think it’s going to blow over and I don’t think it’s going to stop.”

What Junejo fears won’t stop is the backlash against Islam. That’s why he sees this as an opportunity to discuss misunderstandings about his religion with Zieve and others.

Zieve called back hours later, warmed up to the idea of a meeting; but with conditions.

Junejo: “He said he only wanted to talk to a few members. He didn’t want the media to know about it. So unfortunately, I don’t think that’s going to be a real starter.” 

Mosque supporters say they’re hurt. They want a more open, public meeting. And an apology.

Junejo: “The healing will take time but the first step is to admit you’ve done something wrong. The second will be for us to accept his apology.”

The Everett Heralds reports that Zieve plans to apologize. But Junejo did not hear those words himself.

Junejo says he’s hopeful a community meeting with Zieve can happen as early as next week.