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Light Rail Extends To UW, Capitol Hill Saturday

Mar 15, 2016

This weekend, Sound Transit stations at Capitol Hill and Husky Stadium open to the public. It’s a big deal, because it extends light rail through two of Seattle’s most heavily populated neighborhoods.

KUOW’s Joshua McNichols got a sneak peak at the stations – and a ride on the train.


I’m on a train full of reporters at Capitol Hill station. We’re about to leave for Husky Stadium. I sidle up to a Sound Transit official.

Todd: “I’m Bonnie Todd, I’m the executive director of operations for Sound Transit.”

KUOW: “What does this moment mean for you?”

Todd: “Well, it’s pretty amazing. It’s the culmination of just so much work. I’m very excited, very, very excited. And I’m very happy for the people of the region. It’s definitely gonna increase mobility.

KUOW: “Oh, we’re speeding up.”

Todd: “Isn’t that smooth?”

After four minutes of riding, we’re at Husky Stadium. It’s the northernmost terminus of light rail so far.

But at the end of the station platform, there’s an unmarked door. Behind that door is a concrete wall. That wall represents where light rail is going.

King County Executive Dow Constantine: “It is remarkable to see that and realize that even as we speak, there is an intrepid little tunnel boring machine working its way toward us.”

He’s not talking about Bertha. This is a smaller, less troubled machine named Brenda.

In a few weeks, it will bust through, providing the tunnel that will eventually extend this rail line to the University District, Roosevelt and Northgate.