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Judge Quackenbush Remembers Lifelong Friend Tom Foley

Oct 18, 2013

As part of KUOW’s continuing coverage of the legacy of former House Speaker Tom Foley, The Record’s Steve Scher speaks with Senior Judge Justin Quackenbush, US District judge for the Eastern district of Washington, and lifelong friend of the late congressman.

Quackenbush and Foley were born in the same Spokane hospital in the same year.  Connected through their fathers, who were also good friends, the two built a solid friendship of their own.  Both men attended law school at Gonzaga University and became deputy prosecutors for the Spokane District Attorney’s office.

When Foley decided to run for Congress in 1964, he chose his friend to oversee his campaign.  Quackenbush continued to serve as Foley’s campaign manager for every campaign until he was nominated as a federal judge by President Jimmy Carter in 1980.

Produced by Christine Streich.