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Honor And Sacrifice: The Roy Matsumoto Story

May 23, 2014

A still from a Kickstarter trailer for the film "Honor and Sacrifice" about the life of WWII hero Roy Matsumoto.
Credit YouTube

Ross Reynolds speaks with film maker Don Sellers and Karen Matsumoto, the daughter of World War II hero Roy Matsumoto. 

Roy Matsumoto enlisted in the army to get out of a Japanese American internment camp. He went on to serve  as a translator for the Merrill’s Marauders behind enemy lines in the Burma and won a medal for outstanding bravery.

While Roy Matsumoto fought for the Americans, three of his brothers were fighting for the Japanese and his father was living in Hiroshima. Roy Matsumoto died in Friday Harbor in April at the age of 100, but his extraordinary life is the subject of the new documentary film called "Honor and Sacrifice" which airs this weekend on KCTS.

Find out more about the film at: http://www.honordoc.com/. The film was originally a Kickstarter campaign, below is the original trailer explaining the project from 2012.