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Elissa Ball In Praise Of "Analog Love"

Jan 2, 2013

Performance poet Elissa Ball
Credit Olivia McCausland

Performance poet Elissa Ball comes from the  ethos of Riot Grrrl and punk.  She distributed her poems via do-it-yourself zines beginning in her early teen years. Her poem "Analog Love" offers exuberant praise for the pre-digital sensual world.

Ball is the author of "The Punks Are Writing Love Songs."  Her poems appear online at CityArts magazine and Ordinary Madness.  She grew up in Yakima, Wash., and is a graduate of Fairhaven College, with an interdisciplinary concentration in "Voice: Writing, Literature and Cultural Diversity." 

Her performance was recorded at Richard Hugo House on Oct. 17.

Web Extra

Ball reads her poem "Recipe."

This segment originally aired on December 5, 2013.