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Each Seattle Council Candidate Makes A 90-Second Case

Aug 4, 2015

Take us somewhere special. 

That’s what we asked the 47 candidates running for the new City Council districts in Seattle.

And they did, taking KUOW producers and reporters to a place with meaning to them, from a drum school in Lake City to a bridge in West Seattle to dilapidated apartments on Capitol Hill. There, they told us the issues of their neighborhoods.

We edited those interviews – alternately insightful, provocative and kooky – down to 90 seconds each. They are presented in eight stories below.

Listening to them, we were struck by how remarkable it is to have such a wide range of candidates. These candidates weren’t handpicked by the city’s Democratic base, and few are incumbents whose edges have been softened by years of political posturing and backroom negotiations.

The candidates are smart – and nearly all really made us think.

Take a listen. We believe you’ll see Seattle through a fresh lens, and maybe, just maybe, wish that you had run yourself.

District 1: West Seattle: How ‘To Make The Citizens Of Seattle Play Nice’

District 2: Southeast Seattle: ‘We Can’t Afford To Live In Our Own City’

District 3: Central Seattle: ‘We’ve Been Forced Out Of Our Neighborhood’

District 4: Lake Union/Sand Point: ‘This Driver Is Flipping Off That Driver’

District 5: North Seattle: ‘The North End Isn’t A Sleepy Little Suburb’

District 6: Ballard/Green Lake: ‘Monstrosities In Our Neighborhood’

District 7: Magnolia/Queen Anne: ‘Accept The Future That Is Going To Happen’

At-Large Council Districts: ‘Seattle Will Become A Playground For The Rich'

Photo: ‘VOTE’ by Theresa Thompson on flickr (CC BY 2.0)