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Dreamers’ info could be used against them, WA attorney general says

Sep 6, 2017

One day after announcing his plans to scrap a federal program protecting young immigrants from deportation, President Trump faces a lawsuit.

On Wednesday, more than a dozen states, co-led by Washington, sued the president, calling his actions unconstitutional and illegal.

For years, young immigrants protected under the federal DACA program were able to go to school, get driver licenses and jobs without fear of deportation.

Announcing the suit, Attorney General Bob Ferguson said that Dreamers could lose more than those benefits. 

When they applied for DACA they received assurances that their personal information would not be used for future immigration enforcement. 

But by ending DACA, Ferguson said the government is violating their due process rights.

Ferguson: “Yesterday’s announcement makes no assurances that that information will not be used against them and their families, and that is not right.”

On its website, Department of Homeland Security said it will not proactively share information to other agencies for immigration enforcement. But it also states that the policy could change without notice and may not be relied upon by any party. 

The lawsuit also cites the president’s history of disparaging Mexicans who make up the vast majority of DACA recipients.

Ferguson: "If the overwhelming majority of Dreamers were Caucasian, does anybody think this president would have taken the action he took yesterday?”

In Washington state, there are nearly 18,000 DACA recipients. It’s not just their future that’s at stake, Ferguson said, but Washington state's as well. Many work for large companies and contribute about $51 million annually in state and local taxes.

The lawsuit is asking the court to block the administration from scrapping DACA.

A Justice Department spokesman says the agency looks forward to defending the administration's position.