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Chasing China's Doomsday Cult

Aug 15, 2014

Propaganda against the Church of Almighty God in Beijing this year. The church aims to overthrow the Chinese government, which it calls the Great Red Dragon.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

Almighty God vs. the Red Dragon: It sounds like a fantasy action film, but it is in fact a real and disturbing struggle in China.

The most vivid case involves a group of people who beat a stranger to death in a fast food restaurant. They said they had no choice because the victim was a "demon."

The killers are fanatical followers of the Church of the Almighty God, a Christian doomsday cult which claims millions of members across China and pledges to overthrow the Chinese Communist Party - which it calls the Great Red Dragon.

The BBC gains access to families of those caught up in the cult, including a man who infiltrated it to save his wife.

KUOW's Morning Edition will air a portion of this documentary on August 15, 2014. Listen to the complete story at the BBC.